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Mighty Dream

SAP Implementation and Rollout Specialists

Help comes in a wide range of services at Webtronaut Innovations with just one goal in mind - to maximize the client's investment in all of its SAP solutions through fully utilizing its functionality. Webtronaut's sole focus is to help our clients get the best possible return on their investment in SAP. We listen, assess, advise and educate, and we’re pro-active, sharing knowledge and experience of the latest developments in the SAP product range, and helping customers understand how new features and technologies could benefit them.

Webtronaut Innovations' services can be as inclusive as providing key leadership for a complete SAP implementation or as simple as regularly scheduled maintenance and auditing. Our experienced and accredited consultants are not only knowledgeable about SAP solutions but very astute at third party products, database environments, and various operating systems

Did we mention they're innovative, too?

The Services.

  • Platforms
    BW, KW, CProjects , R/3®, CRM, SCM, BI, EBP, SEM, Enterprise, SRM, EP, XI, Solution Manager
  • Databases
    ADABAS , Oracle, DB2, SQL Server,
  • Languages
    Net, Java, ABAP®
  • Backend Development
    PHP & MySQL
           * Aerospace and Defense
* Automotive
* Chemicals
* Construction and Mining
* Consumer
* Financial Services
* Hi-Tech & Manufacturing
* Life Sciences & Healthcare
* Media & Entertainment
* Government
* Retail
* Telecommunications
* Travel, Transportation & Logistics
* Professional Services
* Utilities
* Oil & Gas

SAP Specialists

Focus on flexibility. Commercial flexibility

WebtronautEvery customer is different. That’s why Webtronaut puts the focus on establishing a solution that suits your business requirements. It means we think laterally - finding a new solution to a challenge when none of the standard solutions are appropriate. With Webtronaut it is about taking that extra step: putting in the time, effort and commitment that makes the difference between adequate and excellent.

With Webtronaut, flexibility can mean all this:
* Delivering a solution that meets your functional, budgetary and schedule requirements
* Keeping it cost-effective - not proposing upgrades you don’t need
* Finding a way around operational constraints - for example, when your key staff are unavailable
* Tailoring support to suit the way you work
* Rolling forward unused support hours to meet peak demand
* Redeploying unused support hours for development, training or process improvement
* Letting you move between support levels to smooth out peaks and troughs in demand
Commercial flexibility
Once we’ve formulated our functional and technical proposal, we’ll turn our attention to the business side of things.

Instead of a standard commercial package, we’ll recommend a tailored regime based on cost-effectiveness and trouble-free operation. As well as budgetary and schedule requirements we’ll look at:
* Any existing SAP software licences
* Potential overlaps with other service providers
* The management implications of our recommendations
* The commercial, contractual and support status of your IT infrastructure
* The best way to handle your system maintenance

We Know Your Bottom Line

The Webtronaut way

Our approach can be summarised in four key points:

* We work with you, but your project stays under your control
* We work fast to deliver quick, clean SAP solutions
* We're proactive
* We deliver a high level of customer care

A proactive partnership

Webtronaut prioritises your need to achieve tangible business benefits for your organisation.

We work closely with you and your staff to plan and resource your project, and we have a strong track record of delivering tailored SAP solutions across a wide range of sectors.

As well as optimising system performance for your current needs, we’ll keep you informed of future developments that could affect your business.
Presales – preparing to work with you

Webtronaut’s pre-sales consultants will work with you to analyse your requirements and determine the optimum SAP solution to meet your objectives.

We consider the full range of products available, including pre-configured templates and industry solutions. We will offer advice about implementation, support and future development.

With this detailed knowledge of how SAP and Webtronaut will work for you, you can progress to implementation with confidence.
Financial and commercial options

Webtronaut can provide SAP implementation and ongoing support under a range of contractual arrangements. We can also refer you to our financial partners for advice on funding options.

In some circumstances, clients move to enhanced SAP solutions with reduced ongoing costs.




Collective Experience. Unified Solutions.

Webtronaut's SAP implementation methodology Webtronaut works at your chosen pace to ensure a smooth SAP implementation with minimum disruption to your business. The tools we use include SAP’s ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) methodology: a best practice approach to SAP implementation, based on knowledge drawn from hundreds of previous projects. We also make use of custom tools, pre-configured templates, and proven methodologies - including Webtronaut’s own data migration methodology, MIGRATE. Based on our extensive experience of SAP projects, MIGRATE addresses key SAP data migration tasks and associated risks.
The Project Team We make sure that all work is clearly defined and that we understand your expectations. Then we bring together the right skills to successfully deliver what you've asked us to do. Our specialist SAP project teams comprise Webtronaut consultants with the functional application and technical skills essential for your SAP project. They’ll work with your key users, business analysts, and technical specialists to meet your specified budgets and deadlines. We’ll consult with you at every stage – and you have overall control throughout the SAP implementation process.
Comprehensive testing and post go-live support Comprehensive testing with your key users will ensure your SAP software system meets all your expectations; and our consultants will stay on-site for the critical hours and days after system ‘go-live’, when users log on for the first time. Ongoing support and knowledge transfer Following your implementation if you require ongoing support Webtronaut offers a range of SAP support options from UK help desk support through to hosting and managed services. We understand the importance of passing on knowledge to your own users and place a huge emphasis on ensuring knowledge transfer to your internal team.
The value of SAP training SAP training is what ultimately enables you to get the best out of your system, and realise the business benefits you expected before SAP implementation.
Why Webtronaut for SAP Training? Webtronaut's corporate SAP training services are based on flexibility, quality and in-depth system understanding. We’re different because we develop unique programmes using the client’s own system and processes. Training can be delivered at your company site to your team of users or delivered at our dedicated SAP training facility. Webtronaut provides corporate SAP training. If you are an individual looking for public training courses, please review the Simply SAP directory for alternative training providers. Our programmes are delivered by SAP consultancy experts with strong training credentials – rather than expert trainers familiar with SAP – so they are based on in-depth SAP knowledge.

SAP Support In our role as a SAP support provider, Webtronaut provides a high quality, consistent and cost effective SAP support service. Webtronaut SAP support covers the full spectrum of SAP functions, adjusts for peaks and troughs in demand, and goes beyond problem solving to enhance the smooth running of your entire business. Webtronaut have varying levels of support to suit all businesses, see how our support services work.
A SAP support provider like no other Companies who come to Webtronaut, stay with Webtronaut. We have never lost a SAP support customer to a competitor.
We offer: * High quality, consistent SAP system support, covering the full range of SAP functions. * Unrivalled flexibility and SAP knowledge transfer * Second line support for your SAP team lets them concentrate on other priorities
The complete SAP support package Webtronaut offers a complete range of SAP support for business critical processes running under SAP ERP systems such as R/3: from Basis and technical support, through ABAP development, to functional and application skills.
Competitive rates Your chosen SAP support package gives you a specific number of hours to use every calendar month. Our remote SAP support service also offers exceptional value for money with no compromise on service quality.
SAP knowledge transfer By working alongside Webtronaut's SAP support specialists, your technical staff will gain knowledge and expertise. Webtronaut has an excellent staff retention rate, which helps us build effective client relationships, whether onsite or via our remote SAP support helpdesk.
Flexibility With Webtronaut, unused SAP support hours can be rolled forward for use at peaks in support requirements. You can also carry forward unused hours for non-support purposes, such as development, small projects, process improvement, training or investigating new functionality. To smooth out peaks and troughs in demand, you can move between SAP support levels when you need to.
SAP consultancy services Webtronaut’s SAP consultancy services play a part in most of the SAP services we provide for our clients, including SAP implementation, SAP support and SAP training. We also provide SAP consultancy on a standalone basis at all levels and across all functional and technical SAP-related disciplines. At management level, we offer SAP consultancy services in the areas of Programme, Project, Change, BPR and SAP Data Migration Management.
SAP migration services SAP works best when it is woven into the fabric of an organisation. But disposals, acquisitions and legacy systems bring the challenges of SAP data migration, and of decoupling or merging SAP systems. Migrating data from a legacy system, for example, can trigger a host of data conversion and validation issues. And in merging data from one SAP system into a fresh SAP landscape, it can be difficult to find an elegant solution without losing information from either source. Webtronaut can draw on extensive experience to deliver workable and robust solutions in all these scenarios. Our methodology is called MIGRATE, and it provides the tools you need for a range of situations involving SAP data migration. Data belongs to the business, and not just the IT department; so by involving users from all relevant business areas in SAP data migration activities, Webtronaut ensures the resulting SAP system has the best possible foundation. Our SAP data migration services cover four main scenarios:
System Separation A System Separation project will allow a newly independent business to run its own SAP system. The key benefits of an Webtronaut System Separation project are: * Continuity of operations * No need for additional SAP training * Opportunity to introduce business process enhancements * Leveraging existing investment in SAP software
System Merger A System Merger project can be undertaken when two organisations merge and at least one already uses SAP software. The key benefits are: * Integration of data across the enterprise * Standardisation of data types * Standardisation of processes * No costly interfaces to third party systems * A single system on a common platform * Leveraging existing investment in SAP software
Asset disposal or acquisition Webtronaut can help you transfer assets to or from your SAP system, or between two SAP environments, drawing on real project experience and SAP knowledge gained supporting the transfer of large and complex assets in the North Sea oil industry. The key benefits of an Webtronaut Asset Disposal or Acquisition project are: * Integration of data in new assets, or clean removal of data on disposed assets * Assurance that all relevant data has been transferred * Fully- trained staff, comfortable with the migration process
Landscape migration Webtronaut provides a complete SAP data migration service when you need to replace ageing hardware or change to an alternative database platform for your SAP system. The potential benefits here are: * SAP system improvements * Enhanced user satisfaction * Optimum system reconfiguration and set-up * Speedy and smooth transition using standard SAP tools and procedures * Lower total ownership cost * Reduced hardware maintenance * Rationalisation of infrastructure, freeing up valuable space.
Optimising the process Webtronaut's SAP Process Audit Service is based on 17 years of experience of working with SAP software, during which time we have built up an unrivalled understanding of the people, process and technology possibilities that can help you to achieve step change in your business performance.
Webtronaut Process Audit has five stages:

You need a process audit
You need to get the most out of your PEOPLE, PROCESSES and TECHNOLOGY. If you identify with any of these points, then an Webtronaut Process Audit would benefit you greatly: • Key staff constantly fixing data or transactional problems • Your organisation has SAP competency issues • Your key business processes are not integrated into your SAP system
Process audits in practice As a result of Webtronaut's Process Audit Service, Webtronaut's customers have identified many ways to lower costs and increase efficiency: • Coaching the workforce in best practice process execution • Identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for monitoring processes on an ongoing basis • Integrating new handheld technology with their SAP systems
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